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Need For Your Business


Real-Time Order Data

Access real-time order data, providing accurate and timely transaction insights.


Track Repeating Customers

Monitor Loyal Customer Engagement.


Upselling & Cross Selling

Boost Sales through Upselling and Cross-Selling.


KDS Integration

Seamless KDS Integration for Efficiency.


Multiple Payment Methods

Offer Varied Payment Choices.


Fast Customer Support

Responsive Customer Assistance.


Constant Updates & New Features

Continuous Enhancements and Innovative Features.


Text Alert to Customer

Instant Order Completion Text Notifications.

Built Exclusively For You

Optimized Ordering Experience For Customers

Our Order 'n Go self-ordering software is expertly engineered to enhance sales performance and offer your customers an efficient ordering experience.

KDS Integration

Optimize your operations with our solution, seamlessly integrating with Square, and use our custom-tailored KDS solution at no additional cost.

Advanced Order Management

Enhance your business with detailed order data and analytics for smarter decisions and significant growth.

Promo Codes

Boost sales and customer loyalty with custom promocodes, tailored for engagement and exclusive offers.

Customer Accessibility

Our kiosk is crafted for accessibility, offering wheelchair-friendly designs for effortless use by everyone.

Order n Go Custom Kiosk Hardware
Self-Ordering kiosk statistics

Restaurant Optimization

With Self-Ordering Kiosks


Monthly Saved

Cut significant costs on labor and other expenses.


Wait-time Reduction

Increase efficiency and decrease wait-times.


Order Error Reduction

Decrease order errors.


Increased Ticket Size

Substantially increase your ticket size.

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